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Slag (aka mineral) wool insulation is rapidly becoming a greener and more natural alternative to fiberglass insulation. SHARPSHOT® copper slag is an ideal component for such products.

Minerals Research , Inc. (MRI), the “Home of SHARPSHOT® Premium Slag Products,” is in the forefront of companies concerned about respecting the environment, and is actively exploring new ways to make our world greener and safer.

Builders and contractors looking to “go green” should investigate the impressive new slag wool insulation products available at competitive prices from various manufacturers.


• provides excellent heat insulation
• has no volatile components
• absorbs sound
• resists rot
• is unattractive to rodents
• resists fire



In the production of “slag” wool, slag is mixed with other materials (e.g., volcanic rock), melted down and then spun to make fibers. These fibers are then pressed into rolls and sheets, and, finally, cut into insulation.

For more information about using SHARPSHOT® copper slag as a component of slag wool insulation, call Steve Mehlman at 520-297-4626.


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